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Picture of Tide Mill Organic ChickensWe raise our chickens within a rotationally grazed system with our dairy cattle. The chickens are raised within a "chicken tractor" that is an enclosed box without a floor. This gives them protection from predators, such as fox, coyote, raccoons and owls and allows them to eat fresh grass and spread their manure directly on the field, fertilizing our pastures. The dairy cows graze a few days to a few weeks ahead of our chicken tractors, eating the grass down to the 3 inch level where the birds can maximize their grazing and the chickens help to control parasites in our dairy herd.

Our birds are given access to fresh, green pasture, certified organic grains, seaweed, mineral supplements, fresh water, and plenty of bugs. We pay attention to health of our birds and raise our chickens with care and respect. We do not give them any antibiotics or growth hormones.

Fresh chickens are available weekly from May until the end of October and available frozen for as long as our inventory lasts. Our Cornish Cross chickens weigh between 3 1/2 and 5 pounds. We are currently harvesting fresh chicken every week so we have plenty of whole birds and a variety of cuts available for sale.

Product Price Availability
Whole Chicken: Heart, Liver, & Neck Included $4.90/lb Sold out until April 2014
Half chickens and Leg/Thigh Quarters $5.00/lb Sold out until April 2014
Boneless Breasts $12.00/lb Sold out until April 2014
Whole Breasts $9.00/lb Sold out until April 2014
Drumsticks and Wings $4.75/lb Sold out until April 2014
Thighs $8.00/lb Sold out until April 2014
Hearts and Livers $5.00/lb Hearts Available.  Liver Sold out
Backs and Feet $1.50/lb. Feet Available.  Backs sold out.
Necks $2.00/lb. Available
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Bulk Chicken Package…5 or more chickens

Choose from the following:

  • $4.65 per pound for whole chickens (select from our range of sizes (3.5–5 lbs) giblets included
  • $4.75 per pound for 1/2 chickens; Leg and Thigh Quarters;
  • $11.75 per pound for Boneless Skinless Breasts

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The Tide Mill Organic Chicken Difference

  • Our birds taste fabulous. Their full, rich flavor reflects the care given to the quality of their healthy, respected lives.
  • Our birds are raised on fresh, green pasture, foraging every day.
  • Our birds are fed certified organic grains, ensuring to the fullest extent there is no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our chicken.
  • Our birds have access to fresh air and clean water for their entire lives.
  • Our birds are given seaweed and mineral supplements, whose benefit is passed on to you with increased vitamin and mineral content.
  • Our birds are not given any growth hormones or antibiotics.
  • Our birds are part of the whole farm ecosystem on Tide Mill Farm, a diverse family farm that has spanned nine generations on the shores of Cobscook Bay.

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